End of term, and thank you to the ACM

We’ve reached the end of term again, and The Morning Paper will be taking a two week break to recharge my batteries and my paper backlog! We covered a lot of ground over the last few months, and I’ve selected a few highlighted papers/posts at the end of this piece to tide you over until Monday 24th April when The Morning Paper will resume normal service.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all once more for reading! The Morning Paper flies in the face of fashion – I write long-form pieces, and although I try to explain the material as simply as I can, the subject matter invariably makes for dense reading at times. The blog is hosted on a WordPress site using a very basic theme (all the cool kids are on Medium I hear), and the primary distribution mechanism is an email list (how 90’s!). Despite all that, The Morning Paper mailing list passed the 10,000 subscriber mark this last quarter – it’s wonderful to know that there are so many people out there interested in this kind of material. I’d also like to thank all of the researchers whose work I get to cover – you make researching and writing The Morning Paper a joy.

While we’re on the subject of thank yous, I’d also like to say thank you to the team at the ACM who recently worked on a mechanism to provide open access to any paper from the ACM Digital Library that is covered on The Morning Paper.

I always try to select papers that are open access, which often means scrabbling around to try and find a version an author has posted on their personal site. As well as opening up new potential content for the blog (for example, the ACM Computing Surveys), being able to link to ACM DL content should hopefully provide more stable links over time. If you see a link to an ACM DL piece in the blog and you’re not an ACM DL subscriber, please don’t be put off – you should be able to click through and download the pdf. Any difficulties just let me know and I’ll look into it for you.

One last thing before we get to the selections, there are now over 550 paper write-ups on this blog! If you’ve joined recently, that means there is a ton of great research you may have missed out on. Currently the only real way to explore that backlog is browsing through the archives by month. During this Easter break, I’m going to try and get my act together with a tagging scheme so that you can more easily find papers of interest from the backlog.

In TMP publication order, here are a few edited highlights from the first three months of 2017:

(Yes ok, I had a bit of trouble choosing this time around, that was rather a long list and it was difficult even getting it down to just those picks!).

Also, don’t forget we started working through the top 100 awesome deep learning papers list, and you can find the first week of posts from that starting here, and the second week here.

See you in a couple of weeks, Adrian.