“A Distributed Systems Seminar Reading List,” Spring 2017 edition

Update: links giving 404s were too confusing, so I’ve removed links to not-yet published posts and will add them back in at the end of week!

Last year we looked at Murat Demirbas’ Distributed systems seminar reading list for Spring 2016. Now of course it’s 2017 and Prof. Demirbas has a new list of papers for the Spring 2017 course. We’ve covered many of them on The Morning Paper already, but there are a few new ones here. Over the next few days therefore we’ll be filling in some of the gaps. The new papers are:

  • Apache Hadoop YARN: yet another resource negotiator (SOCC 13)
  • Shasta: Interactive reporting at scale (SIGMOD 16)
  • Adaptive logging: Optimizing logging and recovery costs in distributed in-memory databases (SIGMOD 16)
  • The many faces of consistency
  • Incremental consistency guarantees for replicated objects (OSDI 16)

(I’ll  add the links to the above as the posts are published during the week).

That just leaves “The Bitcoin backbone protocol: analysis and applications” to return to at some future point.

Here’s the ‘The Morning Paper’ guide to Prof. Demirbas’ Distributed Systems Seminars for Spring 2017 including links to write-ups of the papers already covered:

Datacenter Operating System


(Although ‘Shasta’ and ‘Adaptive logging’ aren’t really about monitoring at all?)



If you’re actually taking the class though, please do read the full papers!!