Protection in programming languages

Protection in programming languages Morris Jr., CACM 1973 This is paper 5/7 on Liskov's list. Experienced programmers will attest that hostility is not a necessary precondition for catastrophic interference between programs. So what can we do to ensure that program modules are appropriately protected and isolated? We still need to allow modules to cooperate and … Continue reading Protection in programming languages

Hierarchical program structures

Hierarchical Program Structures Dahl and Hoare, 1972 We continue to work our way through Liskov's list. 'Hierarchical program structures' is actually a book chapter, and is notable for defining a 'prefix' mechanism that looks awfully like a form of class inheritance, paving the way for hierarchical program structures (i.e. Class hierarchies). The main takeaway for … Continue reading Hierarchical program structures

Information distribution aspects of design methodology

Information distribution aspects of design methodology Parnas, 1971 We're continuing with Liskov's listthis week, and today's paper is another classic from David Parnas in which you can see some of the same thinking as in 'On the criteria....' Parnas talks about the modules of a system (for contemporary feel, we could call them 'microservices' once … Continue reading Information distribution aspects of design methodology