End of term

Hard to believe we’re at the end of March already! The Morning Paper is taking a two week break for the end of term. Paper summaries will resume again on Monday 18th April.

I’ll be using the time to top up my paper backlogs, and brush up on my linear algebra. Computer Science has a much broader reliance on mathematics than it did when I studied it way back when. Discrete mathematics was pretty much all you needed then. To keep pace with many of the more exciting developments today you also need a firm grasp of linear algebra, calculus, probability, and statistics.

This two week break will also give you a chance to catch up on any of this term’s papers that you missed. You can see the full list using these links:

That’s 68 posts in total. So much great research! It’s hard to single out just a few from that list. But here’s my recommended short list if you’re tight on reading time: