Adversarial patch

Adversarial patch Brown, Mané et al., arXiv 2017 Today’s paper choice is short and sweet, but thought provoking nonetheless. To a man with a hammer (sticker), everything looks like a hammer. We’ve seen a number of examples of adversarial attacks on image recognition systems, where the perturbations are designed to be subtle and hard to ... Continue Reading

Anna: A KVS for any scale

Anna: A KVS for any scale Wu et al., ICDE'18 This work comes out of the RISE project at Berkeley, and regular readers of The Morning Paper will be familiar with much of the background. Here’s how Joe Hellerstein puts it in his blog post introducing the work: As researchers, we asked the counter-cultural question: ... Continue Reading

Tracking ransomware end-to-end

Tracking ransomware end-to-end Huang et al., IEEE Security & Privacy 2018 With thanks to Elie Bursztein for bringing this paper to my attention. You get two for the price of one with today’s paper! Firstly, it’s a fascinating insight into the ransomware business and how it operates, with data gathered over a period of two ... Continue Reading