Viewstamped Replication Revisited

Viewstamped Replication Revisited - Liskov & Cowling 2012 This paper presents an updated version of Viewstamped Replication (referred to as VR from now on). VR works in an asynchronous network like the Internet, and handles failures in which nodes fail by crashing. It supports a replicated service that runs on a number of replica nodes. ... Continue Reading

Paxos Made Live

Paxos Made Live - An Engineering Perspective - Chandra et. al 2007 This is the fourth paper in a ten-part series on consensus. Yesterday we looked at Paxos Made Simple, today we hear from the the team at Google that implemented Paxos at the core of Chubby. The paper reminds of the following Yogi Berra ... Continue Reading

Paxos made simple

Paxos made simple - Lamport 2001 This is part 3 of a 10 part series on consenus. Yesterday we looked at The Part-Time Parliament, Lamport's first paper introducing the Paxos algorithm, which takes an allegorical form. In today's choice, Lamport abandons the allegory and puts across the Paxos algorithm in plain english. The Paxos algorithm ... Continue Reading