#themorningpaper reaches 50 papers!

With this morning’s paper, #themorningpaper has now reached the 50 paper milestone. It’s a simple idea, one paper every weekday, highlighted on my twitter account using the #themorningpaper hashtag. Hopefully the tweets capture your interest to come to this blog and get a flavour for what the paper is all about – and of course, go on to read the paper itself. At the start of the series, paper highlights were tweeted only – but to avoid tweet-storms I ended up supplementing with this blog.

You can see the full list of 50 papers so far on twitter with this query. My timeline contains the tweet summaries. Going forward, this blog will also provide a permanent record.

For the record, the first 50 papers are below (see the twitter search link above to get the links to the papers themselves).

If you know someone that would enjoy #themorningpaper in their tweet stream or RSS reader every morning, please help me to spread the word.

  1. 30th July 2014, “Why Functional Programming Matters,” John Hughes, 1990
  2. 1st Aug 2014, “An Axiomatic Basis for Computer Programming,”‘ C.A.R. Hoare 1969
  3. 4th Aug 2014, “Fundamental concepts in Programming Languages,” Christopher Strachey, 1967
  4. 5th Aug 2014, “The Emperor’s Old Clothes,” C.A.R. Hoare, 1981
  5. 6th Aug 2014, “On understanding types, data abstraction, and polymorphism,” Cardelli & Wegner, 1985 (part I & II)
  6. 7th Aug 2014, “Reflections on Trusting Trust,” Thompson
  7. 8th Aug 2014, “On the criteria to be used in decomposing a system into modules,” Parnas
  8. 11th Aug 2014, “No Silver Bullet: Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering,” Brooks 1987
  9. 12th Aug 2014, “A Relational model of data,” Codd
  10. 13th – 18th Aug 2014, “Out of the Tar Pit,” Mosely and Marks 
  11. 19th Aug 2014 “Goto statement considered harmful,” Dijkstra, 1968
  12. 20th Aug 2014, “Bitcoin, A peer-to-peer electronic cash system,” Nakomoto, 2008
  13. 21st Aug 2014 “Hashcash – A Denial of Service Counter-Measure,” Back, 2002
  14. 22nd Aug 2014 “Computer programming as an Art,” Knuth, 1974
  15. 25th Aug 2014  “Time, Clocks, and the ordering of events in a distributed system,” Leslie Lamport, 1978
  16. 26th Aug 2014 “Lisp: Good news, bad news, how to win big,” Gabriel + “Worse is Better” – recap on the above, Gabriel
  17. 27th Aug 2014 “A note on distributed computing,” Waldo et al.
  18. 28th Aug 2014 “Impossibility of distributed consensus in a system with one faulty process” Fischer Lynch and Paterson 1985 (FLP)
  19. 29th Aug 2014 “The next 700 Programming languages,” Landin 1966
  20. 1st Sept 2014 “Can programming be liberated from the von Neumann Style?,” Backus 1978
  21. 2nd Sept 2014 “Programming as an experience: the inspiration for Self,” Ungar, Smith
  22. 3rd Sept 2014 “Organizing Programs without Classes,” Ungar, Chambers, Chang, Holzle
  23. 4th Sept 2014 “Recursive Functions of Symbolic Expressions and Their Computation by Machine,” McCarthy 1960
  24. 5th Sept 2014 “EMACS: The Extensible Customizable Text Editor” Richard Stallman, 1981
  25. 8th Sept 2014 “Equal Rights for Functional Objects or, The More Things Change, The More They are the Same,” Baker
  26. 9th Sept 2014 “A Laboratory for teaching Object-Oriented thinking,” Beck & Cunningham 
  27. 10th & 11th Sept 2014  “On Designing and Deploying Internet Scale Services” – James Hamilton
  28. 15th Sept 2014 “The 5 minute rule”, Gray 1986
  29. 16th Sept 2014 “The 5 minute rule 10 yrs later”, Gray & Graefe 1997
  30. 17th Sept 2014 “The 5 minute rule 20 yrs later,” Graefe 2007
  31. 18th Sept 2014 “Dynamo, Amazon’s Highly Available Key-value store” 2007
  32. 19th Sept 2014 “Goes Around Comes Around” Stonebraker & Hellerstein 2005
  33. 22nd Sept 2014 “Merkle Signature Schemes, Merkle Trees, and their Cryptanalysis” 2008
  34. 23rd Sept 2014 “An experimental evaluation of the assumption of independence in multiversion programming,” Knight and Leveson ’77
  35. 24th Sept 2014 “Data on the outside vs Data on the inside” Helland 2005
  36. 25th Sept 2014 “Arguments and Results,” Noble ’97
  37. 26th Sept 2014 “Predicate Dispatch, A Unified Theory of Dispatch,” Ernst, Kaplan, & Chambers
  38. 29th Sept 2014 “NP-complete problems and physical reality” – Aaronson ’05
  39. 30th Sept 2014 “Eventual Consistency Today” – Bailis & Ghodsi 2013
  40. 1st Oct 2014 “Harvest, Yield, and Scalable Tolerant Systems” Fox & Brewer ’99
  41. 2nd Oct 2014 “The curse of the excluded middle” – Meijer 2014
  42. 3rd Oct 2014 “Quasar: Resource-aware and QoS Efficient Cluster Management” – Demilitrou 2014
  43. 6th Oct 2014 “The Zettabyte File System”, Bonwick et al. 2002
  44. 7th Oct 2014 “OSv – Optimizing the Operating System for Virtual Machines”, Kivity et al. 2014
  45. 8th Oct 2014 “Outperforming LRU with an adaptive replacement cache algorithm”, Megiddo & Modha 2004 (ARC)
  46. 9th Oct 2014 “Certificate Transparency” Laurie 2014
  47. 10th Oct 2014 “Consistency, Availability, and Convergence” Mahajan et al 2014
  48. 13th Oct 2014 “Shark: SQL and Rich Analytics at Scale”, Xin et al 2012
  49. 14th Oct 2014 “Software Aging” Parnas 1994
  50. 15th Oct 2014 “On ICSE’s ‘Most Influential’ papers” Parnas 1995

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