End of term

I can’t believe we’ve arrived at the end-of-term again already! I’ll be taking a four-week break from writing The Morning Paper, normal service resumes on Monday 19th August. A big milestone will slip quietly by during this recess – it was five years ago on the 30th July 2014 that I read and shared the very first paper in this current streak of paper reading. In case you’re wondering, that paper was "Why functional programming matters" (revisited again on the blog 2 years later). In terms of published posts, we’re also rapidly approaching the 1,000 posts/papers mark! I wonder what amazing research developments the next five years might bring us??!

There are so many interesting papers published all the time, and I can only cover the tiniest fraction of them on The Morning Paper. If you still feel in need of your regular paper fix over the next few weeks, then a great exercise is to think back to a paper you particularly enjoyed, see where it was published, and then go look through the proceedings to discover what else is there you might like.

For example, let’s say you enjoyed ‘Designing far memory data structures: think outside the box.’ That paper was published at HotOS’19, which had an incredible crop of papers this year. Taking a scroll through the HotOS’19 program, you’ll find plenty more really interesting papers that it pains me I didn’t have the time to cover (yet?). For example:

Happy hunting, and I’ll see you a few weeks time!

Regards, Adrian.

4 thoughts on “End of term

  1. Thank you for your hard work in putting out paper reviews/commentary. I for one am grateful.

    Best wishes,


  2. Thank you Adrian for all your effort and all you do to bring this to us. May I suggest, looking at the field of HCI and Design Thinking? What are your thoughts about that?

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