End of term

We’ve reached the end of term again on The Morning Paper, and I’ll be taking a two week break. The Morning Paper will resume on Tuesday 7th May (since Monday 6th is a public holiday in the UK).

My end of term tradition is to highlight a few of the papers from the term that I especially enjoyed, but this time around I want to let one work stand alone:

You might also enjoy “The Mess We’re In,” and Joe’s seven deadly sins of programming:

  1. Code even you cannot understand a week after you wrote it – no comments
  2. Code with no specifications
  3. Code that is shipped as soon as it runs and before it is beautiful
  4. Code with added features
  5. Code that is very very fast very very very obscure and incorrect
  6. Code that is not beautiful
  7. Code that you wrote without understanding the problem

We’re in an even bigger mess without you Joe. Thank you for everything. RIP.