Summer Recess

It’s summer recess time on The Morning Paper. I’m taking July off from daily publishing, and paper reviews will resume again on Monday 3rd August. I’ve hugely enjoyed interacting with all of you over the last few months – according to WordPress there have been just shy of a quarter of a million visits to this blog in 2015 so far. Plus, over 1100 of you have subscribed to the email edition. Thank You! I know these are modest numbers compared to many sites, but I’m thrilled that this many people care about CS research and bridging the gap between research and practice. It’s a pleasure getting to know you all.

Whenever I bump into someone who reads The Morning Paper a common refrain is ‘I love The Morning Paper but I can’t keep up…” (you should try writing them!). So I hope you’ll take time in July to catch-up on any editions you missed (about 120 so far this year). By my calculations there’ll be time for about another 100 papers from August until the end of the year.

If you know someone you think might enjoy The Morning Paper, please help spread the word. And if you have suggestions for papers or topics you’d like to see me cover in the coming months, please do send them along.

Thanks, Adrian.

2 thoughts on “Summer Recess

  1. Thanks for creating this resource. I really enjoy the summaries as that gives me a good overview of a topic and lets me decide which papers to go into deeper. I was wondering if you could do a series on container technologies. Borg and Open vswitch have already been covered, but it would be great if some other papers could also be covered.

  2. Let me add my voice to those who are both indebted to you for this blog and amazed at how you keep up the rate!

    I discovered The Morning Paper about 6 weeks ago and it is now a firm part of my morning routine – I’ve recommended it as essential reading for all on my team.

    I hope you enjoy your well-earned break and I’ll be looking forward to the next 100 papers of the year!

    Thanks. Paul.

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