The Semantic Elegance of Applicative Languages

The Semantic Elegance of Applicative Languages - Turner '81. Here's a paper you can enjoy simply for its prose! In what does the alleged superiority of applicative languages consist? In what indeed! And while we're at it, what's an applicative language? I looked up a few definitions; if we call it a functional language I … Continue reading The Semantic Elegance of Applicative Languages

SwiftCloud: Fault-tolerant geo-replication integrated all the way to the client

SwiftCloud: Fault-tolerant geo-replication integrated all the way to the client machine - Zawirski et al. 2013 Data is stored in the cloud, presentation is on mobile devices, and application processing is increasingly split between the two. As mobile devices get more and more capable, we would like to exploit more and more of that capability. … Continue reading SwiftCloud: Fault-tolerant geo-replication integrated all the way to the client

The Log-Structured Merge-Tree (LSM Tree)

The Log-Structured Merge-Tree (LSM Tree) - O'Neil et al. '96. Log-Structured Merge is an important technique used in many modern data stores (for example, BigTable, Cassandra, HBase, Riak, ...). Suppose you have a hierarchy of storage options for data - for example, RAM, SSDs, Spinning disks, with different price/performance characteristics. Furthermore, you have a large … Continue reading The Log-Structured Merge-Tree (LSM Tree)

Detecting Discontinuities in Large-Scale Systems

Detecting Discontinuities in Large-Scale Systems - Malik et al 2014. The 7th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing is coming to London in a couple of weeks time. Many of the papers don't seem to be online yet, but here's one that is. Malik et al. tackle the problem of long-term forecasting for … Continue reading Detecting Discontinuities in Large-Scale Systems

Church’s Thesis and Functional Programming

Church's Thesis and Functional Programming - Turner 2006 One of a collection of papers celebrating the 70th anniversary of Church's thesis in 2006, as recently recommended by Erik Meijer on twitter. Both the thesis and the lambda calculus have been of seminal influence on the development of Computing Science. There were three independently developed definitions … Continue reading Church’s Thesis and Functional Programming