A storm-drain for “The Morning Paper”

The Morning Paper: a short summary of an important, influential, topical or otherwise interesting paper in the field of CS every weekday. The Morning Paper started out as a twitter project (#themorningpaper), then it became clear a longer form was also necessary because some papers just have too much good content to get across in a small batch of 140-character tweets!

The daily selection will still be tweeted on my twitter account (adriancolyer), with a quote or two to whet your appetite. Any longer excerpts or commentary will live here. The posts here will therefore be somewhat of a cross between traditional blog posts, and a sequence of tweets. ‘Bleets’ perhaps? I’ve re-purposed a very old blog for this, and decided to leave the original (3!) posts here for posterity.

We’re fast approaching the 50 paper mark, and I’ll post a list of all the papers to date when we get there.

Why ‘The Morning Paper?’ (a) it’s a habit I enjoy, and (b) if one or two papers catch your attention and lead you to discover (or rediscover) something of interest then I’m happy.

So now there are several ways to take your morning paper:

  • by following me, adriancolyer, on twitter
  • by visiting this blog,
  • or by RSS subscription to this feed

If you know someone you think would enjoy the morning paper, please help to spread the word.
Thanks, Adrian.