What’s Next? Paris keynote

I gave a keynote at the What’s Next? Paris conference last Thursday (26th May) on the key issues that I see impacting enterprise application development in 2011. The talk was in three parts – the first section covers some of the big picture issues: new ways to access applications; new modes of interaction; a digression on big data; and new ways to develop and deploy applications. The second section is a dive into what “Platform as a Service” is all about, with a look at Cloud Foundry and what makes it unique in terms of openness. The third part covers a topic I want to say much more about in forthcoming posts on this blog: what Platform as a Service will mean for enterprise apps – how does application design and development change when targeting a PaaS based runtime environment?

Click the image below to see the slides on slideshare. InfoQ also recorded the session, so you should be able to watch this with my commentary soon too.

Slides from Adrian Colyer's keynote at What's Next? Paris, May 26th 2011

2 thoughts on “What’s Next? Paris keynote

  1. Curious… all my machines are running Safari on Mac and can see the image just fine. It’s a PNG if that makes any difference to you. Anyone else having problems?

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