Distributed Information Processing in Biological and Computational Systems

Distributed Information Processing in Biological and Computational Systems - Navlakah & Bar-Joseph 2015 With thanks to Mark Allen for pointing me at today's paper choice via twitter. This is the last of the posts in the 'nature-inspired' series for a while, and we're moving on from optimisation problems to look at the way we build … Continue reading Distributed Information Processing in Biological and Computational Systems

Flower Pollination Algorithm for Global Optimization

Flower Pollination Algorithm for Global Optimization - Xin-She Yang 2013 The last of the optimisation algorithms we'll look at for now, today's paper is the most recent (2013) and also by Xin-She Yang. Once more, we only get comparisons to genetic algorithms and PSO, and once more the comparison is favourable. In many design applications … Continue reading Flower Pollination Algorithm for Global Optimization

A New Metaheuristic Bat-Inspired Algorithm

A New Metaheuristic Bat-Inspired Algorithm - Xin-She Yang, 2010 Today it's the turn of bats! The bat algorithm is an attempt to combine some of the major advantages of previous algorithms such as the firefly algorithm and harmony search (inspired by music composition). It is based on the echo-location behaviour of bats. Bats are fascinating … Continue reading A New Metaheuristic Bat-Inspired Algorithm

Firefly Algorithms for Multimodal Optimization

Firefly Algorithms for Multimodal Optimization - Xin-She Yang, 2010 This is the third post in a mini-series on nature-inspired optimisation algorithms. The flashing light of fireflies is an amazing sight in the summer sky in the tropical and temperate regions. There are about two thousand firefly species, and most fireflies produce short and rhythmic flashes. … Continue reading Firefly Algorithms for Multimodal Optimization

Ant Algorithms for Discrete Optimization

Ant Algorithms for Discrete Optimization - Dorigo et al. 1999 It's the emergent behaviour in nature-inspired algorithms that excites me. Ant colonies provide a great example: although each individual ant is in principle capable of finding a solution, it is only the ensemble of ants - that is, the ant colony - that exhibits optimisation … Continue reading Ant Algorithms for Discrete Optimization